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For industrial settings, attractive, durable, hygienic and economic are all qualities to look for in your new flooring. Flooring should be resilient to high impact use and able to resist moisture, bacteria, food waste, damage from heavy industrial equipment and daily cleaning are must have features in food prep and clinical environments. In order to prevent contamination, facilities need to have flooring that can be cleaned easily, quickly and often.

Why safety flooring?

Investing in safety flooring is perhaps the best and most targeted measure you can take to reduce slip risks. Areas like busy commercial kitchens and wet environments, where specific contaminants (like grease, oils, water and shampoos) are constantly present, and the risk of spillages is unavoidable, you need a specialist flooring solution capable of dealing with everything thrown at it.

Safety flooring doesn’t just protect the people who use it. It also protects those responsible for the health and safety of their employees and visitors.

Vinyl rolls of safety flooring are non-porous and the properties and benefits are numerous:

  • Enhanced safety – Provides slip-resistant qualities which ensure underfoot gripping, even when wet, thus reducing slips & falls for visitors and employees

  • Promotes cleanliness – bacterial, microbial & fungal resistant throughout the material to help prevent the spread of germs, limiting risk of infections and provides a more sanitary environment
  • Superior stain & chemical resistance

  • Quick & easy to clean / With only a few heat welded seams (and no grout) these floors are impermeable so dirt & bacteria have nowhere to hide. Often installed with floor drains so floors can be hosed down for ease of cleaning

  • Incredibly durable & long-lasting / abrasion & wear resistance makes this flooring suitable for high traffic, high impact activities & high temperature fluctuations. Can withstand very heavy loads, both static & rolling, & still maintain its fresh appearance for many years

  • Anti-fatigue & shock absorbent properties – it’s elasticity provides soft, comfortable, superb cushioning & support underfoot
  • Sound absorption properties reduce noise

  • Inexpensive to maintain – does NOT require any costly cleaning supplies or maintenance equipment – NO stripping, NO coatings and NO waxing needed
  • Aesthetically pleasing & versatile – numerous color, design & texture options available to achieve the style & look desired from stunning bright shades to speckled & patterned & even wood-look finishes
  • Sustainable & environmentally friendly – low emitting results in better indoor air quality (Some, not all)
  • Cost-effective both in up-front costs and in long term maintenance costs – economical with an affordable price tag

Safety flooring is increasingly gaining popularity and is an excellent commercial option that benefits a wide range of businesses & industries:

  • Healthcare – hospitals, clinics, Dr’s offices, physical therapy, rehabs, labs, veterinary, pet facilities & kennels…

  • Commercial Kitchens & Hotels
  • Senior & Assisted Living Facilities
  • Fitness Centers & Gyms & Locker Rooms

  • Wet and potentially slippery bathrooms, showers, saunas, spas, changing rooms

  • Education – schools, daycares, playgrounds, playrooms, church nurseries, colleges, student residences…
  • Entrances, reception areas & walkways for facilities, such as offices and indoor markets

  • Corporate Offices & Retail Shops

  • Public Spaces – museums, cultural centers…

  • Transportation Hubs
  • Real Estate Development projects

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