Just How Does FDP Save You Such Huge Money?

Here Are The 5 Magic Words

  • Overstocks
  • Short Lots
  • Closeouts
  • Custom Goods
  • Promotional Goods

The secret to how Flooring Discount Professionals can sell such beautiful, premium, high-end CARPET, CARPET TILES & FLOORING at such unbelievable savings.

At FDP you get much, much MORE for far, far LESS!

And This Is 1st Quality Merchandise No Defects!!!

At FDP you get the luxury of purchasing top-quality flooring that far exceeds your budget restraints without depleting your whole bank account? FDP will install your flooring and you will pay SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than what you would pay for low-grade retail carpet from your local carpet store. You will get far superior quality at a fraction of the price.

And again, let me reassure you…


  • Overstocks or Overruns are first-quality goods sold at a discount when a mill  has overproduced a product (due to large order cancellations, poor forecasting, etc…)
  • Short Lots are also first-quality goods. They are smaller lots of a particular dye color.
    Mills have a harder time selling smaller lots so they sell them for less to reduce inventory
  • Closeouts or Dropped Goods are also first-quality goods. They are the remaining inventory
    when a mill has discontinued a color or style. Mills are constantly changing their products introducing new varieties, patterns and shades.

  • Promotional Goods are usually introductory products manufactured to test the waters for new colors, patterns or products.

  • Custom Goods – consist of the leftover yardage that was custom-made for a particular project or a particular client.

There are no manufacturer warranties on the above inventories, thus the significantly discounted prices.