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Carpet Tile is one of the best values in floor covering

Modular carpeting is an enormously popular flooring option. These carpet tiles have revolutionized todays carpet industry.

  • IDEAL for Businesses with High Traffic Volume & Heavy Foot Traffic:
    Commercial Buildings, Apartments, Senior & Assisted Living Facilities, Lobbies, Hallways, Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Cubicles, Restaurants, Retail Space, Dorms, Schools, Daycares, Churches, Gyms…

  • IDEAL for Homes:
    Dens, Playrooms, Kid’s Rooms, Home Offices, Hallways, Mud Rooms,
    Enclosed Porches, Basements, Garages…

  • The Perfect Carpet Choice for People with:
    Kids, Pets, Wheelchair or Walker Use, and Areas with Water Problems


  • Extremely Affordable – Will save you $$$!!! – You “Do-It-Yourself” so there’s NO LABOR COST!!! ( And no pad needed, so that’s another savings.)
  • Surprising Beauty & Premium Quality – Tiles easily improve the look of any space, commercial or residential. Tiles come in many weaves, colors, patterns, styles & thicknesses for an attractive, custom designed and economical floor covering.

  • So Easy to Install – A simple & fun Do-It-Yourself project. Anyone can install them in just a few hours. Can be installed section by section without having to remove ALL the furniture at the same time. No need to disrupt the whole household/workplace.    …..   OR WE CAN INSTALL FOR YOU.
  • Can install almost anywhere – over any clean, level floor: concrete, hardwood, plywood, subfloors, laminate, vinyl, ceramic tile.

  • Don’t Need Pad – Tiles are backed with thick, skid-resistant vinyl backing so no pad is required. This backing seals & binds the yarns making it nearly impossible to unravel. This backing system is created to take more abuse than normal, making tiles the perfect choice for heavy traffic & commercial uses. (Some tiles can be installed as is, with no adhesive. Others may require a pressure sensitive releasable adhesive or double sided carpet tape.)

  • Convenient – Packaged in easy to transport boxes. Don’t need to lift & maneuver enormous & bulky, back-breaking carpet rolls. (Huge advantage if you have to go up flights of stairs and around tight corners.) Tiles typically come in easy to work with 18 inch or 24 inch squares.
  • Extremely Durable – Great for high soil, high traffic areas. Engineered to be tough with a very long performance life. They just don’t seem to wear out.

  • Stain-Resistant & Easy to Clean – Vacuum & steam clean just like any other carpeting. For really tough stains just pop out the tile & clean it in sink.(Tiles can even be washed in your dishwasher and hung to dry!)

  • Extremely Resistant to Moisture – Making them ideal for basements & areas prone to water damage or flooding. Because of the solid vinyl backing, carpet tiles can be totally flooded with water, taken up, rinsed off, dried and then reinstalled.

  • Easy Maintenance – Can replace or swap out a damaged, worn or seriously stained tile to a less visible area (ie: under the couch.) This rotation lengthens wear while retaining the flooring’s fresh, like-new appearance much longer than rolled carpet.
  • Design Flexibility & Customization – Tiles provide endless & innovative design possibilities. Can mix & match colors, patterns & textures to form unique designs, checkerboards, mosaics & patchworks. For a fresh look just rearrange the tiles. With tiles you also have the ability to create borders, stripes, aisles & insets.

  • Different Installation Options – Can be installed wall-to-wall or tiles can work equally well as a sophisticated modular area rug. Tiles have directional arrows on the bottom and can be arranged in a variety of installation methods for different looks.

  • No Typical Carpet Problems No Wrinkling – No Bulges – No Pulls – No Unraveling

  • An Environmentally Smart Choice If a carpet tile gets damaged you can replace ONE tile – not your whole carpet. Plus for most carpet tiles an energy-efficient processing is used and recycles old carpet into brand new carpet reducing landfill waste.

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