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People sometimes wonder whether carpet is being used much today. The answer is yes, especially in bedrooms, living rooms and playrooms, where comfort and warmth is highly desired! Carpet is soft, provides cushion & warmth to the feet, slip-resistant, dent & scratch-free, visually warms up a room, insulates well, is quiet and great for soundproofing. Wall-to-wall installation can make small spaces seem bigger and is a generally affordable floor covering.


Carpet is a soft type of flooring made out of different types of carpet fibers: pure wool or synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, olefin, acrylic, polypropylene or a mix of different fibers. Each type of fiber has unique characteristics when it comes to stain, moisture, & fade resistance, softness, strength, longevity and price point. Wool, though a more expensive fiber, has the best characteristics of all types, since the natural lanolin in wool is stain resistant, and it is naturally resilient, meaning it crushes less underfoot. There are different types of carpet piles, including loop, cut-pile, and cut-loop piles. In general, carpet that is a plush cut pile will crush more than carpet that is looped.



Carpet comes in a vast array of colors, patterns, materials, textures and budgets to suit every room. Carpet technology has improved over the years, and modern carpets have amazing stain-resistant qualities. It’s also the most cost-effective flooring option on the market. The rule of thumb is: the thicker and heavier the carpet, the more expensive and durable it will be.

Broadloom (wall-to-wall) carpets come in rolls and are laid onto a carpet pad that sits on the floor’s substrate.

Carpet needs regular vacuuming, spot cleaning and occasional steam or deep cleaning to maintain. Generally carpet gets replaced every five to ten years. Almost all carpet is recyclable.

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